Meta Meta Technology Announces New Workgroup Manager Compatible with Windchill

CLEVELANDJune 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Meta Meta Technology announced today the development of a Workgroup Manager for ZWCAD and Windchill® product lifecycle management (PLM) software from PTC.

Meta Meta Technology, a US reseller of ZWCAD Software, facilitated the development of a Workgroup Manager for Windchill in collaboration with PIO Software and PTC, a global software company that helps companies design, manufacture, operate, and service things in a smart, connected world.

The Workgroup Manager for ZWCAD and Windchill will allow companies to seamlessly manage .DWG files with the power of PTC’s Windchill PLM software.

Meta Meta Technology, a reseller of ZWCAD, believes that their customers will benefit from this bi-directional communication between ZWCAD created and edited .DWG files and Windchill.  ZWCAD enables organizations to significantly decrease the cost of creating and editing .DWG design files.  When coupled with the Workgroup Manager for Windchill, customers can now also experience more value from that design data by leveraging automated revision control and traditional change management tools including:

  • Check files into and out of Windchill directly from the ZWCAD interface
  • Open files directly into ZWCAD from the Windchill interface
  • Accomplish standard local workspace functionality such as clear, refresh, and update
  • Checkout directly from the Windchill Workspace
  • Publish viewables using the CAD Worker (PDF format)
  • Revision and instance control
  • Change management
  • Advanced Workflows
  • Design States
  • Advanced Search

Ian Kimbrell, Principal of Meta Meta Technology says, “Until now companies who had standardized on Windchill PLM for managing their design data were not able to benefit from the cost savings associated with using ZWCAD instead of AutoCAD.  With this new workgroup manager, customers now have a choice on how they create, edit, and view .DWG files in Windchill with considerable annual cost savings.”

About Meta Meta Technology

Meta Meta Technology is a reseller of ZWCAD software.  ZWCAD is a cost-effective alternative to AutoCAD, the popular drafting and design computer software.  Meta Meta’s CAD specialists have been selling ZWCAD for over a decade.  Meta Meta’s goal is to help companies easily transition to ZWCAD while significantly decreasing the cost of creating, editing, and viewing .DWG design data.

Pio Software

Pio Software is a software development company focused on bringing niche software solutions and integrations to market with a focus on design and manufacturing organizations.  Pio Software uses its global resources to help companies implement critical software solutions for Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

Windchill is a trademark or registered trademark of PTC Inc. or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries.

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