JuggerBot’s ecosystem starts with the implementation of their engineering-grade, material extrusion 3D printer. The machine is controlled through a human-machine interface that combines advances in hardware and software with research in material science to ensure successful prints with minimal input from the user. JuggerBot can upgrade a machine’s performance with improved machine operation and material compatibilities as new, high-end materials are introduced to the market. Users are also provided with insight to real-time builds and diagnostics, allowing them to maintain accurate scheduling and planned preventative maintenance. We specialize in 3D printing, rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing in tool and die shops, automotive, aerospace, medical device, academic and manufacturing.

The vision of EAC is to provide the best product development products and services to our customers by building long-term relationships that provide continuously increasing value and optimizing their systems to extract value from converging the digital and physical world.

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